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Tripp Jones

GP Manager

Tripp is the founding partner of Healthcare 360 (“HC360”), Tripp brings 35+ years of health care experience as the CEO. Prior to HC360, Tripp was also the founding partner of Automated Solutions, Inc (founded 1987 – sold 1997) a technology company specializing in providing healthcare billing application software. Healthcare 360 is a Practice Management Consulting firm with emphasis in revenue analysis and enhancement.

One highlight, HC360 designed and managed one of the first privately funded ACO’s under the Medicare MSSP program. This ACO achieved shared savings in all its three years. That entity was sold to Devita Healthcare Partners in 2015. Today, Healthcare 360 continues to participate in evolving healthcare models that continue to improve care delivery while managing cost and predictability.

Tripp continues to expand his interest and participation in several Health-Tech companies that provide advances in precision diagnostics, patient outcomes, data analysis and fiscal performance.